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Automatic Gate Supply & Installation

Suppling & Installing a wide range of Automatic Electric Gate options

AGM takes on a wide range of jobs, including the custom manufacturing of new gates, the reuse of clients existing gates, concreting or bolting down gate tracks & where required supplying 240 volt mains power to control box or motor locations.

By undertaking the complete Installation we can support all of our clients needs, which are part of the Electric Gate Automation industry.

Installing quality products from Australia, Europe, South Africa and Asia, we strive to provide clients with reliability and customer satisfaction.

AGM understands that all jobs are unique in their own way, by providing a diverse range of options we are able to support each clients unique and individual requirements.

Just ask for Albert or Tim for more information. They are always ready and willing to help with any questions or ideas you may have.

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The Supply & Installation of a newly Custom built Wrought Iron Double Swing Gate fully Automated with 2 240v FAAC 400 Hydraulic Italian motors and Australian Airkey remotes. With the added ability to operate the sliding gate and rear rollerdoor off the one remote.

Installation required - Custom manufactured gates, 240volt mains power supply, all conduit & cables pre - layed, fully functioning automated swing gates, video/ audio intercom system & gate/garage to function of same remote - buttons 1 & 2.