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Electric Sliding Gates

Automatic Electric Sliding Gates in Perth WA

Offering our clients affordable and reliable automation products from Australia, Europe, South Africa & Asia to best suit their requirements.

Our electrical background and 27yrs + of industry knowledge passed down, allows us to advise our clients on the right electric sliding gate motor for the right situation.

AGM has experience with a range of different gate materials including - Aluminium, Duragal, Steel, Wrought iron, Stainless steel, Black steel, Timber gates, Mild steel, the list goes on.

Site Specific Considerations

Before choosing an automatic electric gate for your home or property, you should always consider what factors could affect your automatic electric gate.

Salt, dust, rain & heat. 4 elements which can cause problems if not respected & taken into consideration, during the planning stages of the installation.

Also to consider is the usage of the gate, no point in installing a system which can't handle the traffic flow of the property, you will only end up with a Maintenance headache.

Luckily AGM Automation has the experience required to offer customers the right products and service for the right situation.

Our experience comes from having installed & serviced gates all over Western Australia.

Broome - Halls Head - Perth Metro - Margaret River - Augusta.

If you have a specific installation in mind, let us know and we can work with you to get the right outcome.


To learn more about our automatic electric sliding gate options.

Just speak with Albert or Tim Iten they are always happy to have a chat.

0419 043 528 Albert Iten - 0419 043 006 Tim Iten

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