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Industrial Electric Gates Perth

Industrial gates provide essential security and access control for factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities. We specialise in providing tailored gate solutions that ensure the safety and efficiency of your industrial operations.

If you need an automated gate technician, it's critical they understand the difference between an industrial site and a commercial one.

After 25 years experience and fundamental knowledge of the electrical automation industry, we know that an industrial electric gate and the process of installing, servicing or repairing it can be completely unique.

There are significant differences between your standard commercial electric gates and industrial electric gates. Listed below are the most important things we consider when working on a large industrial site.


Size and Scale

Commercial sites are typically smaller and usually only need one access point with a boom, sliding, or Swing gate.

Conversely, industrial sites are much larger and often have quarantine and security issues to consider, as well as access control, and OHS zoned areas.

There will often be three or four different high-traffic entry/exit points requiring multiple trained operators.

With all these factors to consider, as well as the shear scale of these sites, it is important that automation equipment (gates, motors, etc) built for high volume and frequency be used to ensure reliability, OHS & longevity.

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Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

Suppliers must ensure they are site compliant as each company will typically have their own requirements for OHS inductions. It is essential that all relevant induction records are kept up to date for each site.

It's for this reason that in addition to developing our own SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), we ensure our gate technicians are current with site inductions for all clients.

Competent Reliable Administration Support

A good administration team is worth it's weight in gold and while you may find the odd jack-of-all-trades who can keep up to date with all site requirements, inductions and certificates needed for different clients and sites, it's often not the case. Suppliers who have a strong administration team will keep track of expiry dates, schedule updated training when needed, and ensure that their technicians have everything they need for the job.

They provide essential support to the Contractors on the ground, ensuring clients also have a primary point of contact for admin-related matters. It is important to be able to trust and rely on the team you bring onto your site so understanding the size and experience of staff within the company you hire, is essential.


Payment Schedules

Many larger companies have a 90-day payment schedule. This is difficult for smaller companies that may not have access to the same cash flow. That is why larger industrial companies will usually prefer to deal with larger companies that can manage the longer payment schedules. Implementing payment schedules including deposit requests, progress payments, and final payments can help to keep the process moving smoothly and ensure you can cover your obligations as the job progresses.

At AGM, we've worked with a variety of industrial clients which use a myriad of payment schedules so it isn't a problem for us.


When taking on industrial sites, you will need to be a 'one stop shop' company, capable of managing the entire process. This is especially appealing to your potential industrial clients as they can trust you with the entire job from start to finish. You need to be able to project manage, deal with multiple contractors, and ensure all have the appropriate inductions necessary for the site prior to attending.

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Having management systems in place is key for ensuring that you can manage the entire project and will increase your chances to be chosen for the job, if the customer feels you can handle it from inception to completion.

At AGM, we focus on maintaining strong relationships with reliable contractors who deliver exceptional results on our contracts and jobs. We know they are appropriately inducted, and we are familiar with the quality of their workmanship, finish & their limitations.

It may seem simple but working with a gate automation company with a track record of running efficient jobs is what will help guarantee an effective result every time.

In Conclusion

What we offer here at AGM is straightforward. We have an experienced team from admin to contractors and subcontractors and are qualified to take on the full scope of the job for our existing industrial clients or new clients.

For all your industrial electric gate needs, fill out a contact form here or email us at