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Residential Automatic Electric gates

AGM Automation - The leading company in Electric Gate Automation for reliability, customer satisfaction & high quality products backed by first class workmanship and aftermarket support.

With over 25 years experience in the residential electric gate industry, AGM knows that every client is different and every client receives a individual service which works for them.

We have experience with a range of different materials including - Aluminium, Duragal Steel, Wrought iron, Stainless steel, Black steel, and Timber gates.

If you have a specific material in mind, let us know and we can work with you to build your custom electric gate.

We guarantee you a service that no other company can achieve, through respecting all of our clients needs, and providing the highest quality of workmanship in the industry.

Most home owners consider their home to be their castle or a place of security. We at AGM are no different to you, having a reliable and trustworthy tradesmen come to your home is just the beginning of what we offer.

After all, we know that in the residential industry, word of mouth is key to a successful small business.