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Strata Management

If you’ve ever had to deal with contractors who don’t show up to site on time, are slow to respond or generally unreliable, so much of the issue is related to their professional communication.

And when you're struggling to manage 40+ properties, 15-25 contractors and a multitude of purchase orders, things can become very stressful – particularly when a few small issues begin to snowball into big ones.

Impacted single swing gate - Kardinya

Regarding gate automation, specifically, it's helpful to remember that while a portion of issues that arise may require an expert technician to be on site, there is a simple solution for the more time sensitive problems that arise i.e. breakdowns.

Grab a free copy of the gate flowchart, below, to use for yourself

Or give it to your co-workers so they have a simple system for resolving immediate automatic gate issues, without having to deal with frustrated strata clients who lose access to and from their residen

Strata Gate Fault Guide

At AGM automation, we aim to always be as responsive as possible with our clients, so they feel we’re addressing an issue in an appropriate timeframe. This then allows them to move on to the next matter that they need to resolve, without a second thought.

When ‘as responsive as possible’ is not possible, we’ve found that a few simple steps are all that’s required to temporarily address an automated gate issue. Whether there has been a minor collision, track issue or motor failure, most scenarios boil down to a few key solutions:

  • Identifying if the power switch of isolator has tripped and moving the gate, manually, to restore access.
  • Identifying if mains power is working or there is an obstruction so you can move the gate manually, to restore access.
  • Restoring and testing a tripped power switch so gate is fully operational, once more.

It’s for this reason that we’ve designed this easy-to-follow flowchart.


Never worry about not being able to reach a gate specialist when you need them, with this flowchart.

To get the most value out of the flowchart, we recommend the following:

  • Print off and display clearly or have within arm’s reach, in the event a client should call.
  • Forward this flowchart to your co-workers.
  • Send the flowchart to the service or maintenance manager in charge of the strata and have it located in a clearly visible location.
  • [OPTIONAL] Provide the flowchart to the strata council or tenants, via email marketing so anyone can troubleshoot issues outside of normal trading hours.

So if you find yourself in the situation of needing help with a damaged or non-functioning automatic gate, grab a copy of this gate flowchart, today!


We know that if you follow the simple steps within the above flowchart, you’ll be able to resolve 80% of issues arising from gate malfunctions.

As a result, you will be more effective in managing the needs of your strata clients, have more time to respond to other matters and become an even better strata manager in the process.

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"Tim and Albert are easy to get along with on a personal level and their operation is as smooth as the gates they install and service. We never experience a wait more than 24 hours where necessary and always receive a phone call or email when communication is required. Their workmanship is second to none."

- Jordan Dinga, Strata Manager – Abode Strata

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