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Assisting Local Councils in WA

AGM Automation serves clients at all levels including WA's local councils.

We recently completed gate repairs & service work for two of WA’s Local Councils. The City of Stirling staff undercroft carpark & Mosman Park Council Workers Depo.

Carrying out an Annual Preventative Maintenance service for the Mosman Park Depo, continues to help maintain the security and reliability of the Main Entry & Exit sliding gate.

With this gate being used regularly it is imperative that the gate is working efficiently & the depo maintains its security.


Repair of the gate and replacement of the damaged 240v hydraulic motor on the City of Stirlings staff car park, had to be completed early in the morning before employees had arrived for their day's work, as noise restrictions and access to the car park had to be maintained. Successfully we had the gate repaired and commissioned with time to spare and no interruptions for the Council employees.

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