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Rural Farm Gates Perth, WA

AGM Automation is a Perth family-owned business, providing a service for Western Australia farmers and rural properties since 1996.

If you are looking for affordable, trustworthy and reliable aftermarket support for your electric gate, then AGM Automation is for you. We have been supplying and installing farm gates to rural properties in Western Australia since 1996.

AGM Automation supports every clients individual circumstance, providing reasonable call out fees and hourly rates, whether it’s servicing, supply and install, DIY or a solar Kit option, AGM Automation will provide you with what you need.

Our rural gates services provide seamless and secure access control solutions, enhancing the convenience and safety of rural properties. From remote operation to customisable security features, we offer the perfect blend of technology and reliability for rural gate automation.

Tailored to withstand the harsh Australian climate, our rural gates blend functionality with resilience, ensuring that livestock are safely enclosed and properties are shielded from unauthorised access. From large-scale farming operations to private rural residences, our farm gates offer peace of mind with sturdy construction and user-friendly designs, meeting the specific requirements of WA's diverse rural communities.

Understanding that getting digital advice on products is hard when located rural areas of Western Australia, that's why AGM Automation relies heavily on word-of-mouth by satisfied clients.

Knowing that if you choose to acquire AGM Automation’s services for your rural electric gate needs, you are also helping a Perth family-owned business.

Please get in touch with us we are only an email or phone call away on: 9244 8899