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Custom Built Timber Hydraulic Automatic Double Swing Gate

Working along side our Timber Gate Specialist we were able to come up with a solution for our builder & client who wanted to compliment the architects timber house frontage design with an Automatic Gate.

AGM Automation was asked to meet on site to help provide our experienced recommendations for the functionally & design of a double swing gate. After assessing the property and the proposed gate location/ relevant automation requirements, we were able to come up with a solution which the builder, client & gate manufacturer agreed on was possible to achieve.

Designing a fully clattered timber gate has always came with its challengers. Understanding the limitations and geometry of the motors is the first step to making sure the gates, not only look good but will be fully functioning and remain so for years to come.

Many automation companies will promise the world but never deliver end results. Yes you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand how an Automatic Gate is installed our how they function. But being able to keep your word when you promise to a client you can achieve their end result, well that is what separates AGM Automation from its competitors.

With fundamental understandings of the Products & a keen eye on Quality + Customer Satisfaction we can only prove ourselves in producing results - see the images below, make up your own mind on how we went from Start to Finish for the Timber Hydraulic Double Swing Gate.

The Timber Hydraulic Double Swing gate installation included:

  • Western Australian Custom made Timber Gates - bolted onto a steel frame
  • 2 AGM FAAC 400 Hydraulic 240v Motors
  • 4 Airkey remotes controllers
  • 1 Airkey Remote Receiver
  • Liftmaster weather proof control Box & Mb 206 control board
  • 1 Set of hard wired Safety Beams
  • 240v power sourced from external GPO (supplied by builders Electrician)
  • Custom made motor brackets
  • All conduit/ cable pre - lays as required
  • Site meetings and relevant drawings provided to builder
  • Satisfied Client & Builder

AGM Automation services all types of Automatic electric gates across Perth WA

With our extensive knowledge of the market and products in the industry. AGM is a one stop shop, from start to finish. Supplying, installing, servicing & repairing. AGM services a wide range of Customers Automatic electric gates all over Perth WA, including; Automatic Sliding gates, Automatic Swing gates, Automatic Boom gates, Automatic Traffic Bollards/ Cable gates, Automatic Telescopic gates & Automatic Cantilever gates.