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Servicing & Regular Maintenance Tips for Automatic Electric Gates

How often should my Automatic Electric gate be serviced?

Our best advice here is to check your owner’s manual. This will specify how frequently your equipment should be serviced and the most important what components and systems require checking.

Generally speaking, Automatic gates should be serviced at least once every 12 months (and therefore once a year). Of course, if you notice that your gate is starting to act up and not performing like normal, this is a sign that attention is necessary.

What does a Automatic Electric gate service include?

The requirements for your Automatic gate service will really depend on the make, model, design and any obvious problems, but any service should always include:

  • Safety check including - Photo-cellular beams, loop detectors, open close stops, safety barriers or emergency fire/ exit functions.
  • The Motor/s - (hydraulic or mechanical), pressure, force,manual operation, clutch, brake, drive sprocket, end piston, motor brackets & oil levels.
  • Gate hardware - hinges, wheels, bolts & fixings, locks, gate tracks, guide rollers, gear rack & lubrication.
  • Electronic Controls - fuses, output voltage, terminal connections, wiring, control settings, control box condition, relays.
  • Access control - Remotes, Push buttons, free exit loops, fire exit commands, intercom open commands, security open commands.

Why should I have my Automatic Electric gate serviced regularly?

There are many important reasons to have your Automatic gate serviced regularly. Regular servicing extends the life of mechanical and the electronic components, this ensures ongoing reliability while also maintaining security to the property. Gates that are not regularly serviced are more likely to breakdown and have their owners pay excessive amounts for repairs.

Regardless of how well you care for your Automatic Electric gate, all gates need professional servicing.

How long should I expect my Automatic Gate to Last?

An Electric Automatic Gates life varies greatly according to make, model, use, Installation location, and environment, but regular servicing, repair and cleaning can help to extend the life of an Automatic Gate. More than any other factor, a regular Preventative Maintenance service by a skilled and credible technician or company will help to ensure the longevity of your Electric Automatic Gates life.

240v Below Ground motor & ground box replacement

Image - Major repair work required due to, the below ground automatic gate motor not being serviced for more then 10 years. Corrosion and debris build up resulted in the cracking of the hydraulic Jack, leading to an oil leak causing the break down of the Automatic Electric Gate. End result was a expensive repair and usage of heavy lifting machinery.