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Automatic Electric Vehicle Gate Upgrade

AGM Automation was asked to meet on site with the properties strata managers & council of owners, to help provide our best recommendations for eliminating the electric vehicle sliding gates concrete speed hump, & upgrade the current electric gate Automation with a battery backup system incase of a power failure to the complex.

After assessing the gates concrete speed hump and Electric gate Automation requirements, we were able to come up with a solution which the owners & stratas agreed on & was possible to achieve.

Scope of works carried out below - see images linked with information to help you get a better understanding of what was involved. These civil works were carried out over a 3 day period Saturday - Monday, the commissioning of the motor & gate was completed on a later day as to allow for the concrete to set.

Equipment Used listed below

  1. Petrol Wet cut saw
  2. Electric Grinder
  3. Mig Welder
  4. Shovels
  5. Wheel barrows
  6. Jack hammers (large & small)
  7. Skip Bin - 5 cubic meter
  8. Trailers
  9. Safety bunting & Warning/ Danger signs
  10. Hose/ tap connectors
  11. Concrete trowels
  12. Squirt bottle for a smooth finish on concrete
  13. Industrial Brooms
  14. PPE - gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, work boots, welding mask & gloves.

Materials & Products used listed below

  1. 10mm Trench mesh
  2. 16mm Rio bars
  3. 12m of Inground Omega gate track
  4. Omega gate wheels
  5. Black plastic
  6. Wire ties
  7. 32mpa Concrete
  8. Mesh chairs
  9. Conduit
  10. Data cable
  11. AGM 12v D10 Turbo Sliding gate motor
  12. Hard Wired Safety Beams


Image - Luke Brown Group & AGM Automation

Brother In Laws working alongside each other, two young men working hard on the weekends for their future. Looking good lads.