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South Perth Single Swing gate - Recent Winter Storm Damage Repair

Service & Repair to a South Perth Single Swing gate, damaged during one of Perth's recent Winter Storms.

AGM Automation was called to site on reports the entry/ exit gate was not responding to the owners remotes.

Following a quick inspection of the gate the technician traced the fault and found that the 240v Motor bracket had been completely torn off the Gates Hinge post, which it had been welded to. The amount of force the gate had been put under during the windy conditions must of been astronomical, fortunately no other damage was sustained to the single swing gate or motor.

Once we had replaced the motor bracket our technician completed the commissioning of the motor and tested all the accessory equipment. The Gate was back up and running like new.

AGM Automation can Service & Repair all types of Automatic Electric gates

We’re always ready to help!

Here at AGM Automation we are dedicated to providing excellent customer support and satisfaction.

A general service includes:

  • a call out to site from our technician
  • a ½ hr to 1 hr assessment of the equipment
  • a final discussion with the client on our findings
  • our professional recommendations on how to resolve the issue

AGM Automation encourages our clients to consider regular servicing of their gates. This ensures ongoing reliability while also maintaining security to the property.

By following the AGM Automation maintenance checklist, we ensure that nothing gets looked over.

Maintenance services always begin with the safety equipment check followed by the electronic controls, hydraulic or mechanical motor(s), ending with the general gate hardware.

Clients receive the check list, and notes as required when receiving the invoice. This ensures everybody has the same understanding of what has been completed, what state the automation system is in, and what may need attention.

Most clients choose to have their electric gates regularly maintained every 6-12 months, but this can vary as each property has its own individual needs.

To get your next maintenance service booked in call us today on 9244 8899 or fill out the enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you :)