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Urgent call out - Reported damaged highflow traffic vehicle gate.

Empire West Apartments - Floreat WA

Wednesday 22/05/2019 Urgent Call made to AGM Automation

AGM was called to site on request by Pro Active Strata Management, to investigate the entry & exit electric vehicle gate which was reported damaged and needed investigation for repair work Urgently to maintain the security of the complex.

Following the work order being received, AGM was required to make contact with the properties caretaker to liaise about traffic flow and site specific requirements which included, security concerns and deadlines for completion of the repairs.

AGM attended site to find one of the gate hinge plates on the Western gate laef to be damaged, four of the six, 8mm threaded bolts were torn out or snapped off from the main support post. After discussions with the caretaker about what was required AGM began decommissioning the gate motors and controls. Isolation of the 240v power was completed first making it safe to remove the gate motors. Following removal of motors and gates being decommissioned from use, phone calls were made to AGM steel contractors in regarding repair work of the damaged hinge plate. AGM steel contractors were organised for the following morning to complete the repair work required. Gate motors stored in AGM factory overnight for safe keeping, access via vehicles was restored for the night.

Thursday 23/05/2019 Repair work deadline, to be met before end of the working day.

AGM Steel contractors arrive on site 730am to repair damaged hinge plate. Repair work required, replace the existing remaining 8mm threaded bolts with four new cup headed 12mm bolts which were long enough to bolt through the support post and the hinge plate. This was to allow for strength and ongoing reliability to the gate leaf.

Once AGM steel contractors were finished with repairs, all existing hinges were greased and manual operation of the gate was tested.

AGM Automation returned to site to complete recommissioning of the electric vehicle gate. AGM refitted the motors and repowered the gates 240 volt supply. Following recommissioning of the motors AGM identified some issues with the gates opening width which needed addressing. The cause of the damaged hinge plate was located, the issue was traced back to the incorrect position of the gates open stop. The opening stop was positioned to far away, resulting in the gate and hinge plate pinching, the motors where driving the back of the gate inwards towards the center of the driveway. AGM fitted a new open stop and tested. All issues resolved AGM continued on with getting the Gate and motors back to Automatic mode.

A final inspection of the gate, gate motors & gate hardware was made, all was back working correctly & security was restored. Owners & tenants were back using the gate like normal.

Final notification of the completion of the repairs was made to Pro Active Strata Management and the Caretaker. They were very happy with the level of professionalism and organisation from AGM Automation, also in keeping to there deadline of having the gate back functioning & security of the complex restored within 24hrs.

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