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6 Tips To Help Strata Managers Get The Best Preventative Maintenance Service For Their Clients, Today!

When you're a Strata Manager with over 120 clients, you're juggling a lot, from administration to client communication and contractor management. As an automatic gate specialist, we've provided simple yet valuable information on preventative maintenance services, based on our personal insight and experience, so Strata Managers can avoid a large degree of potential issues arising from having poorly installed or maintained gates. If you're a Strata or Property Manager, we hope the below info helps you to avoid an angry client call or cowboy workmanship.


What is Preventative Maintenance Servicing?

A Preventative Maintenance Service is a precautionary measure for an automatic electric gate, this is a key part of looking after any Strata property which has an Automatic gate installed, whether it is a smaller, larger or commercial, industrial property.

Preventative maintenance servicing extends the life of mechanical and the electronic components which thus provides ongoing reliability & maintaining security to the property.

Every Automatic Gate contractor, or reliable automation company that you are working with, should be offering Preventative Maintenance & Regular Servicing of their Automatic gates. If they are not, the warranty can be void & neglect can lead to costly issues, breakdowns, unsatisfied residents or owners.

What is involved in a Preventative Maintenance Service?

A maintenance service includes the completion of the detailed AGM checklist, which begins with a safety equipment check, followed by the electronic controls, hydraulic or mechanical motors, finishing off with the general gate hardware. The general hardware is the steel or running gear – which includes hinges, gate wheels, bolts, fixings, tracks, anything structural is considered to be general hardware.

This checklist is presented to the client, strata company & strata managers giving them a clear understanding of the current condition of the gate and what the requirements maybe to get the gate up to standard, while also having knowledge of what additional work may have to be done on site.

What happens following a Preventative Maintenance Service?

Armed with the Checklist information, strata companies or strata managers will liaise with residents/tenants on the recommendations and timelines for completion of the work provided by AGM Automation.

Once the recommendations are approved, a work order is sent to AGM Automation.

Following receiving the Work order, the remediation of any issues reported are completed.

Once the work is completed and the gate is back up and running like new again, the properties Strata is advised, and the gate is rescheduled for its next preventative maintenance service.


Why is a Preventative Maintenance Service required?

There are many important reasons to have your Automatic gate serviced regularly. Electric Gates that are not regularly serviced are more likely to break down and have their owners pay excessive amounts for repairs, loss of access, security & major disruptions to the property.

Regardless of how well you care for your Automatic Electric gate, all gates need professional servicing.

When is servicing required?

Strata property managers are given the option to have their electric gates serviced every three, six and twelve months. This can vary and it is dependent on the type of property. All automatic electric gates have their own individual requirements for maintaining the products, such as the gates daily Duty Cycle, Geographical location, General wear/ tear & the quality of products installed.

How do you schedule a Preventative Maintenance Service?

Simply give Tim a call on 0419043006, fill out our contact form or send an email to [email protected]. AGM Automation is prepared and equipped to work with all Strata Managers on all types of strata properties, as required so give us a call, today!


6 Tips for Strata Managers

  1. If you receive a recommendation on works regarding an Automatic Electric Gate and you think the price is too high, or if you're suspicious that the contractors are just giving you a one line price, it's best to get a second opinion.
  2. Ensure you're getting a second opinion from a reliable source, don’t go to the first Ad click company from the internet, do some research first.
  3. Check to see if they are licensed, or have the required knowledge and experience to do the work on your automatic electric gate. They will then be able to provide you with the correct information required in your situation and quote accordingly.
  4. Once receiving the second quote, don’t be afraid to get a third one. From these three quotes you should be able to ascertain who is giving you value for money.
  5. When you receive a quote, make sure the contractor provides a breakdown of the costs, as some companies will simply provide a one line quote with little to no detail of what is to be completed or expected of them.
  6. Ensure the company you choose is able to rectify any identified issues and make sure you are receiving the level of service you are paying for.

Call AGM Automation on 9244 8899 or email [email protected] if you have any questions - we are more than happy to help out however we can.