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Automatic Electric Sliding Gate Track Repair Case Study

AGM Automation was approached by several Strata Management Companies to repair, replace & redesign various Sliding Gate tracks across Perth Western Australia. Following a thorough inspection (which also extended to conducting Regular Preventative Maintenance), AGM Automation submitted repair, replacement and solution quotes for each Automatic Sliding Gate track system. All issues were resolved by installing either custom-built and standard 'off the shelf' gate tracks.

Track #1 - Unit Complex Automatic Gate Repair, Rivervale

AGM Automation was engaged by the Strata Management Company for the property, to complete a site inspection and investigate issues with the sliding gate stopping and jamming intermittently during operation.

electric gate repairs

Following the site visit by our Gate Technician, we were able to identify the intermittent faults the gate was experiencing. We located a collapsed gate wheel which was jamming, this was due to the poor maintenance of the existing track design which had become a collection area for sand, rocks & carpark debris.


After reviewing the site with the team, back at the Workshop, we brainstormed how to overcome the poorly designed gate track. Eventually, we settled on the design of a Flat bar track with a solid round bar welded to it, with the added Zinc coating of the raw steel to prevent rust issues developing in the future. This design required installation & fixing over the top of the existing in-ground track, removing the issues of sand/debris build up.

Once the track was installed our technician commissioned the electric motor and gate hardware, then advised the Strata Manager of the completed works and instructions for future gate Maintenance of the site.

Track #2 - High Rise Building Automatic Gate Repair, Perth CBD

AGM was engaged by a Strata Management Company to attend a site and investigate issues with the sliding gate creating vibrations, upon use.This vibration could be felt throughout the building's walls and affected residents during the gate’s operation.


Following the site visit by our Gate Technician, we were able to identify the cause of the vibrations. We located a collapsed gate wheel which had started to put sideways pressure on the existing bolt-down track. Also, we noticed that both gate wheels were worn out to the point where they were no longer usable and required replacement. This was due to general wear & tear, based on the volume of use, given it was a critical entry point into the complex.


To rectify these issues, we installed a standard bolt-down track fixed to the existing concrete driveway, while also removing and disposing of the old track, correctly. Following the successful installation of the new track and wheels, we recommissioned the electric motor and all access equipment - resetting and testing to ensure they work correctly.

Once complete, we advised the strata management company that the gate was back up and running.

Track #3 - Home Bolt Down Automatic Gate Track Repair, Applecross

Custom made Bolt down track on Duragal SHS rail, replacement of rusted out cast in track. Cut out existing and fix down over the top to existing concrete, reusing track across driveway. Track rusted out due to garden material built up around track. Gate gear rack adjusted and motor recommissioned following repairs.


Initial Call out to site, report on findings

  • Called to site on reports sliding gate was not working.
  • Investigated and traced fault to gate track issue & gear rack.
  • Refitted gear rack where it was not engaging with motor sprocket.
  • Adjusted limit switch position so gate is not sitting in divert (the track is rusting out creating a divert where the gate is stopping in).
  • Reset and tested all working okay but motor struggling to take off due to track, require additional Quote for repairs.

Quoted Repairs Completed below

  • Replacement of exiting inground track with bolt down track on top Zinc plated plate.
  • Lift existing sliding gate off track and lay on ground.
  • Cut out and remove existing round track which is sitting proud approx. 20mm above the Finished driveway height.
  • Commission motor & sliding gate.
  • Hand over to Tenants and advised Strata of job Completion.

The following are just a few examples of the level of work we put into inspecting, reporting, installing and repairing automatic gate systems. If you have a gate that is in need of repair, feel free to contact Tim on (08) 9244 8899 to have a no-obligation chat or email [email protected] for immediate assistance, today!