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The Number One Issue Solved Through Preventative Maintenance & Who Is Most Affected...

Irritated clients - which are a direct result of expensive, ongoing, costly breakdowns.

There are few things worse for a Strata or Property manager in the industry. Thankfully, though, these costly breakdown service calls can be mitigated through regular, professional maintenance, which can pick up on potential electric gate failures.

Affected by this issue are tenants or clients who rely on the gate for security and access to their homes and businesses. If the electric gate is not maintained at an optimum level and is out of order for extended periods, this can cause budget blowouts for the committee (or owners) and a breakdown in the relationship between their tenants, at best. Worst case, you end up with disgruntled tenants as they look for alternative premises, where their access and security are not a concern.

A faulty automatic gate could also cause public liability issues, especially in the event someone is injured. And let's be honest, Strata managers have enough on their plates without having to deal with time consuming complaint emails or phone calls, every waking hour.


Where Strata and Property Managers often Make the Mistake...

AGM Automation are often engaged by strata management to fix problems left by other companies who originally manufactured and installed the gate and automation equipment. These Electric gate companies are never called back to maintain the gate for several years or simply do not have any maintenance agreements/systems in place. As a result, the automatic electric gate develops problems, which when not fixed, can become extremely costly and require major alterations to the design, or require complete replacement.

Strata or Property managers have set budgets for service and repairs. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that will quote an amount for a repair job, without diagnosing the real issues.

Advising the client on their (incorrect) findings can result in approval to proceed with short term or incorrect repairs on the electric gate system. These gate companies often get away with this, which is only a result of the strata management not having a solid understanding of how the gate is supposed to be functioning, or understanding obvious faults, and invariably the real underlying problem.

The real solution here is to have the gate inspected properly the first time around and get it repaired without call backs. We know it is hard to find the right gate contractor, but we recommend reading a company’s reviews or simply asking around in the strata industry as to who is the best out there.


Maintaining an Automatic Electric Gate

A competent automatic gate company will head out to site and complete a thorough inspection, identifying any issues that require attention. If these are not addressed, as mentioned above, further problems arise causing the gate to fail. Bear in mind, if you attempt to fix the problems yourself, without calling in a professional, you can personally become liable – essentially, ‘you touch it/work on it, you own it’.

Important Note: Strata, Property management, a tenant or owners are not Automatic Electric Gate specialists. To Save time and money simply call a professional if you need help.

AGM Automation Office Ph: (08) 9244 8899 – Director Albert Mob: 0419 043 528


AGM Automation Preventative Maintenance Process

At AGM we provide a comprehensive report, images and (when appropriate) videos to show our clients (strata and property managers, alike) what repairs are required and what the current state the automatic electric gate is in.

Download A Sample Preventative Maintenance Report

Our report system is not overly technical, but easy to understand, and thorough, helping everyone involved gain a basic to full understanding of the gate’s workings and its current condition.

The Preventative Maintenance report is accompanied by a quote, extra comments, recommendations for repairs, or further actions required.

The ideal outcome, when AGM takes over or takes on a new maintenance agreement, is that we get the gate back to its optimum operating level, where it can be consistently maintained easily.

Regular maintenance ensures the auto gate does not degrade over time from neglect. Once the electric gate is back working as it should, a preventative maintenance agreement is submitted, with the ongoing maintenance schedule options, 3,6 or 12 monthly.

Having a reliable and well-maintained electric auto gate helps the strata management confidently set aside a yearly budget and avoids budget blowouts.

The reliable, well maintained electric gate will, in turn, provide ongoing reliability and peace of mind for management, owners, and tenants alike.


Gain Confidence in the AGM Automation Process

Having the confidence to know your property or business is secure and the auto gate is reliable and performing its purpose is a top priority for us. Being a local Western Australian Family Automatic Gate Company, we believe that word of mouth and repeat clients are key in maintaining ongoing work and professional relationships.

Given how vital maintaining the security, access, and reliability to a building is in these unprecedented times, we have looked at the best way to help strata and property managers get quick, positive results and the process above will help with achieving it.

If you have had unpleasant experiences with an auto gate repair contractor, or you would like to have someone help you maintain your existing electric gate – get in contact with us today!

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