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Perth Automatic Sliding & Pedestrian Gate Upgrade

AGM Automation was engaged by one of our Strata Management Companies to repair, replace and redesign the Pedestrian Gate & Sliding Gate for a complex in Forrestdale, Perth Western Australia.

Following a thorough inspection and a full report on our findings and recommendations AGM was able to achieve a cost effective and reliable solution quickly and efficiently.

Sliding Gate Automation Upgrade

The following is a report following visit by AGM Automation to inspect the site.

AGM attended site & found the sliding gate open. A build-up of debris was also visible on the ground track and the technician identified the gate had not been in operation for a while.

We completed our inspection and identified the controller’s encoder was intermittently faulty. This was causing the motor to continue running and due to age and negligence we were unable to repair encoder.

This meant the gate would only open and not close. We attempted to test programming but controls were unresponsive. We then bypassed the encoder and attempted to run the motor directly from low voltage power but the was still unresponsive.

We checked all other equipment (including the safety beam kit) and these were all working correctly.

It was unknown how many different remotes were onsite and AGM quoted the below for the client’s consideration:

Quote to Upgrade Sliding Gate Automation Kit only

  • Installation of 1 x Evo 5 12v Motor kit – includes 2 x Manual release keys
  • 30 x AGM A type Airkey remotes for tenants/ owners
  • 2 x AGM A type Airkey remotes for strata
  • Reuse xp20 beam kit.
  • Reuse gear rack as required.
  • Send Strata Remotes & Keys in mail to strata, on completion.
  • Remotes to be recorded – list sent to strata and each letter box receives 2 new remotes per unit

All Installed by Licensed Electrical Contractors.

Pedestrian Gate Upgrade

AGM completed modifications to the existing pedestrian gate. We also installed perforated mesh and installed a manual bog keypad lock with new hinges. Existing Hinges were replaced with hydraulic self-closing design – this was installed so the gate self-closes with correct force and the manual lock engages, correctly.

These upgrades were done to prevent unwanted public using the gate as an access point into the bordering shops & fuel station.

If you have a gate that needs upgrading, get into contact TODAY through our online portal, simply click here to make an online enquiry and we will be happy to assist. In the event we are unable to service your gate, we will advise you as soon as possible.