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Multi Unit Residential Complex – Impacted Automated Swing Gate Case Study

Have you ever had to deal with a broken automated swing gate?

It's not exactly a fun situation, especially if it's been impacted by a car. That's exactly what happened in Perth's Southern suburbs, where AGM worked with Emerson Raine & Denmac Holdings to fix a damaged electric swing gate.

AGM was called in to assess the damage and provide a quote for the necessary repairs. But it's not just about getting the gates back up and functioning - it's about making sure that the repairs are done right the first time. That's because there are underlying issues that can arise when an automatic gate is impacted by a vehicle.

For example, the footings of the gate can be compromised, which is a problem that can't be seen just by looking at the surface. If this issue isn't addressed, it can lead to future breakdowns and even more costly repairs down the line.

That's why it's so important to conduct a thorough site inspection of the impacted automatic electric gate. You can't just provide a quote remotely without seeing the damage for yourself. Site unseen quotes can lead to mistakes, and that's just not acceptable when it comes to repairing something as important as an automatic gate.

The Scope of Works for the Automatic Swing Gate Replacement Project included:

  • Supply a full set of drawings for approval prior to manufacturing & detailed quote report on findings.
  • Digging out and removing the impacted Double Swing gate & Posts, and disposing of all unusable .
  • New concrete footings as required for the Posts onsite.
  • Removal of pedestrian gate & set aside for reuse.
  • Fabricate and install new set of Slatted Double Swing gates.
  • New concrete footings for hinge posts, put pavers back as required.
  • New Automation kit - AGM 350 24v Sommer Twist kit for out swinging gate, comes with 2 x sets Xp20 Safety beams.
  • Reuse existing GT4 DEA Remote controls which are being used onsite.
  • Rehang/install existing Pedestrian gate once posts have been installed.
  • Works to be completed over multiple days to allow for concrete footings to dry.
  • Commission & Hand over to Strata on completion.

So, if you ever find yourself dealing with a broken automated swing gate, make sure to bring in experts who understand the importance of a thorough inspection and proper repairs. It may cost a bit more upfront, but it'll save you time and money in the long run.

If you have a gate that needs upgrading, get into contact TODAY through our online portal, simply click here to make an online enquiry and we will be happy to assist. In the event we are unable to service your gate, we will advise you as soon as possible.